Alfabedyl 2 mg Alfaprostol 20 ml

Alfabedyl 2 mg Alfaprostol 20 ml
Alfabedyl 2 mg Alfaprostol 



Active Substance:

Alfaprostol  2 mg


Propylene glycol 


Therapeutic indications 

Controlled breeding

Cows and heifers: Induction and synchronization of culling and culling with cows and heifers

 established period of oestrus

 Induction and synchronization of culling and culling with cows and heifers

 unspecified period of oestrus

 Birth induction

 Pigs: Birth induction

Mares: Stimulation of oestrus in normal cycle mares

 Stimulation of oestrus after birth

Cows and heifers: Anestrus due to a persistent yellow body or lutein cysts

 Quiet oestrus

 Pyrometer (Chronic Endometritis)

 Mummified fetus.

Mares: Anestrus.



Not to be used in pregnant animals except in specified cases or when abortion is required

medical judgment.


Adverse reactions

Mares may temporarily slightly increase perspiration.


Types of animals for which vmps are intended 

Cows and heifers, pigs and mares.


Dosage and administration 

Intramuscular injection.

Cows and heifers: 0.75 ml ALFABEDYL / 100 kg hp. (equivalent to 1.5 g of alprostol), such as

the maximum dose is 4 ml, regardless of the weight of the animal.

Induction and timing synchronization (at established previous oestrus dates): administration

of the preparation in the phase when the yellow body is sensitive (5-17 days of the cycle) leads to the onset of

dilation and ovulation within 2 to 4 days.

Induction and timing synchronization (when previous osteoporosis dates have not been established):

Apply to all cows / heifers one dose. If signs of extinction occur

insemination 2 to 5 days after injection. In animals where no cataracts are observed,

place a second injection 10-12 days after the first.

Birth induction: Pregnant cows and heifers around the date of the term (279 to 289 days): leads to

evacuation of the fetus 18 to 36 hours after injection.

Anestrus due to persistent yellow body or lutein cysts: Application of the product leads to

extinction and ovulation after 2 to 4 days.

Quiet oestrus: Treatment is recommended, especially in cases of rectal diagnosis with

yellow body. Insemination is done at 72 and 96 hours after injection of the product.

Piedometry: Single injection leads to luteal regression, return to normal cycle, and

effective uterine cleansing. If necessary, place a second injection 10-12 days after


Mummified Fetus: The application of the product usually leads to the mummification of mummification

fetus within 2 to 4 days and starting a new cycle. Animals need to be under medical supervision

monitoring, since manual intervention may be necessary.


Pigs: 1 ml ALFABEDYL / animal (equivalent to 2 mg alphaprostol) administered on 111 or 112

day of pregnancy

Mares: 1.5 ml of ALFABEDYL / animal (equivalent to 3 mg of alprostol).

Stimulation of oestrus in normal cycle mares: Applying the product to the sensitive cycle

the phase of the yellow body (i.e., from the fifth day after ovulation) leads to the onset of oestrus (2-4 days after

injection) followed by ovulation (6-8 days after injection).

Follow-up stimulation of oestrus: Apply the product 8-10 days after the oestrus or

20-22 days postpartum, induces excision to 2-4 days and ovulation 6-8 days after



Advice on correct administration 

It is necessary to use precisely cut syringes to ensure strictly

compliance with recommended doses, especially when they are small.


Withdrawal period

Meat, internal organs and milk: Zero days.


Special storage conditions 

Store below 25 °C.

Special precautions for use in animals

When applying the product to cows and heifers in cases of mummified fetus it is necessary

animals are under medical supervision, as manual assistance may be necessary

by the veterinarian.

Special precautions for use for the person administering the product to animals

Prostaglandins of type F2a can be absorbed through the skin and may cause spasm

bronchitis or abortion. When working with the product, be careful to avoid self-injection

skin contact. Women of childbearing age, asthmatics and people with bronchial or other respiratory

Diseases should avoid contact with the product or use protective gloves when handling

product. In case of accidental dropping of the solution on the skin, immediately wash with soap and water.

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