Gamaret LC 20 syringes x 10 ml

Gamaret LC 20 syringes x 10 ml

Gamaret LC 20 syringes x 10 ml

Pharmaceutical form

Intramammary suspension.

Homogenous white to low yellowish oily suspension.


Procaini benzylpenicillinum monohydricum       100 mg     

Neomycini sulfas                                               102 000 IU    

Dihydrostreptomycini sulfas                             125 mg

Novobiocinum natricum                                   100 mg

Prednisolonum                                         10 mg


Treatment of acute and chronic mastitis in cows in the period of lactation caused by micro-organisms susceptible to novobiocin, penicillin, dihydrostreptomycin and neomycin.

Target animals

Cattle - Milking cows in their lactation period.

Dosage and application

The content of one applicator (10 ml of the preparation) is administered to the affected quadrant. Before the preparation is administered the lacteal glands are milking. and throughly cleaned and disinfected using enclosed cleaning wipes.

Administration method: The preparation is intended only for intramammary use. Shake well before use. Udder and teats are washed as required with warm water and thoroughly dried. The ends of teats are disinfected with an appropriate agent and after removing the plastic cover of the applicator’s tip is the applicator inserted to the teat duct. The content is administered to the udder by pressing the piston.  After the administration is the particular quadrant massaged in order to ensure a better distribution of the preparation into milk cisterns.

If required by the situation, it is possible to repeat therapy after 24 – 48 hours.


Store at a temperate below 25°C.

Keep in dry place.

Protect from light.

Do not freeze.

Withdrawal period

Meat 7 days, milk - 72 hours (6 milking).

Shelf life

Shelf life of the veterinary medicinal product in intact package: 9 months.


20 x 10 ml.

20 applicators and 10 cleaning wipes moistened by 65 % v/v solution of isopropyl alcohol /2.4 ml/tissue/ in a bag and a paper box.

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