Rabivac 3 / RHD, Pasteurellosis, Colibacillosis / 20 doses

Rabivac 3 / RHD, Pasteurellosis, Colibacillosis / 20 doses

Rabivac 3 / RHD, Pasteurellosis, Colibacillosis / 20 doses


Active substances

Thermoinactivated enzyme-treated antigens of: Virus haemorrhagie disease - at least 1:64 HAU Pasteurella multocida- 5.108CFU Escherichia coli, strain K99- 5.108CFU

Active substances for a dose of 0.5 ml Quantity Purpose

Virus haemorrhagie disease suspension 0.25 ml antigen

Pasteurella multocida suspension 0.1 ml antigen

Escherichia coli suspension, strain K99 0.1 ml antigen

Adjuvant: Saponin 0.0014 g

Species for which the VMP is intended: Rabbits.

Therapeutic indications

The vaccine is used as a specific immunoprophylactic agent to protect rabbits from hemorrhagic disease, pasteurellosis and colibacillosis.



Dosage and method of administration 

The vaccine is administered strictly intramuscularly in 0.5 ml. Vaccination is carried out in strict compliance with the requirements for asepsis. Each vial of lyophilised vaccine is diluted with the appropriate diluent (saline). Shake vigorously until completely homogenous. After complete dissolution of the lyophilised vaccine is administered as follows: Newborn rabbits are vaccinated once between 45 - 50 days of age. It is recommended that young rabbits be vaccinated twice every 20-30 days once a year. It is recommended that rabbits be revaccinated before every third birth, 10 days after fertilization. In farms with an outbreak of the disease, all clinically healthy rabbits with separate needles are vaccinated immediately at the required asepsis. In farms at risk of pasteurellosis, double vaccination every 20 days is recommended. Vaccination is repeated every year until complete eradication of the disease.

Withdrawal periods 

Zero days.

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